Family Events

1. Birthday party

Maybe we are not 18 years old any more, but it does not mean that we do not wish to have one day focused only on us! If one of your family members or friend celebrates a jubilee, that is the perfect reason to have a big party! Whether you are more into chatting and drinking or board gaming until dawn or a true dancing party it will be unforgettable if the families and friends are together with the birthday girl or boy.

We offer the following services:

Choices for location
Theme of the party
Music: DJ or live band
Photo & video
Cake and sweets

2. Christening

Christening a child is an integral part of our culture. Hereby the parents give the child the principles of being a part of a community as well. Every baby is a blessing, the parents take care of the new born child with full adherence and love. If you feel that with your new role you do not have enough time to focus on organising the Christening, we are here to help and take this workload from you.

We offer the following services:

Choices for location: church and restaurant
Purchase of the little dress and candle for Christening
Photo & video
Cake and sweets

3. Baby shower

Baby showers are very popular in the USA, but it has become trendy in our surrounding as well to have the "last" party focusing on the expecting mummy before she starts the new tasks connected with motherhood. We organise a baby shower where the future mum together with her female family members and girlfriends can celebrate the baby's arrival.

We offer the following services:

Choices for location
Cake & sweets
List of rig-out
Games focused on the expecting mum
Babysitting for the children

4. Wedding anniversaries

A couple never forgets their Big Day and yet seeing older couples who walk hand in hand a person asks from himself what is the secret of the long lasting relationships? Either it comes to the first or the 50th anniversary, here is a welcome chance to say thank you to each other for the nice days together.

We offer the following services:

Choices for location and church
Help with the wedding vows
Preparation of the invitations
Music: DJ or live band
Cake & sweets

5. Theme parties

Would you like mark out from the crowd and have a party focusing on a relevant theme? We can make your dreams come true. Let's meet in person and discuss which theme or topic suits you the most.


The excitement and tension of the Big Day's planning can sometimes be very challenging. The marriageable couple ask many-many questions, like: How much can we show ourselves and our personalities? What does the stylish wedding mean? We know all the answers.

We offer the following services:

Organising of the ceremony (church or registrar)
Choices and reservation of the location
Best man
Printing work (invitation, name tags, menus, etc.)
Wedding rings
Recommendation of wedding saloons
Wedding styling (hairdresser, make-up, accessories)
Cakes & sweets
Wedding gifts and favors
Photo / AV
Music: band or DJ
Childcare during the ceremony and wedding

1. Complex service

If you dream about a calm and stress-free wedding, use our complex service. We will design and process all the details based on your ideas. The advantage of the complex service is that we will take over all the "headache" from finding the best location till the last guest is seated. You will cooperate with the professional team who are available and there for you to make your dream wedding come true.

2. Other services

If you are stuck with the organisation or just need a helping hand, we are here to help and finish the missing details, like the design and printing of the invitations or missing the outdoor decoration, etc.

3. Coordination of the ceremony and wedding

The wedding coordinator makes sure that the Big Day is without any complications or problems. She will coordinate the ceremony and wedding based on an agreed scenario and timetable. All you need is to enjoy your Big Day!

4. Exceptional services

- Preparation of a tailor-made training plan in order to reach the perfect body on your wedding
- Dance school
- Flying butterflies or pigeons
- Firework
- Rent a limousine or an old timer

Bean Feasts

1. Bean Feast

The most important factor in a company's life is to have productive and loyal employees. During the work weeks it is hard to get to know our colleagues better, but a well organised bean-feast pals up with each other. You have nothing else to do then to contact us and we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable and professional get together. PinkMint is the best choice for any bean-feast.

2. Teambuilding

We organise indoor and outdoor programs for companies and fellowships on the spot of your choice: hotel, congress centre or Adventure Park. We organise half or full day programs on demand in order to improve the team's performance. Either you prefer sports, wellness or real teambuilding, we find the perfect match for sure.