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In today's world it is more and more frequent that the events are organised by a professional, who prepares and serves the big day with professionalism and full responsibility. Pink Mint event agency is here to assist and help you.

About us

We are two young ladies with full of life who always look for something unique and special and whose passion is organising different types of events. We take all orders and tasks as a new challenge where we can utilise our knowledge and experience. We try to come up with original and innovative ideas during the planning and the realization process equally. One of our mottos is that only one's imagination and fantasy is the limit to make an event stylish and peculiar.

What we love the most in our job is that we can become a member of the families even if only for a couple of moments.
We have more than 7 years of experience and we cooperate with respectful and reliable partners.
What we offer: preparation of a tailor-made and complex plan – which includes the design, plan of the expenses and a script of scenario -, event coordination fit to our client's wallet and of course we help and assist to find answers to all your questions.

Thank you for your trust.

Pink Mint team – Andrea & Erzsébet

Pink Mint Team


Birthday Party

Maybe we are not 18 years old any more, but it does not mean that we do not wish to have one day focused only on us!

Baby shower

Baby showers are very popular in the USA, but it has become trendy in our surrounding as well to have the "last" party focusing on the expecting mummy before she starts the new tasks connected with motherhood.


The excitement and tension of the Big Day's planning can sometimes be very challenging. Pink Mint is the best solution.

Bean Feast

During the work weeks it is hard to get to know our colleagues better, but a well organised bean-feast pals up with each other.


Sales and marketing manager, who is an expert in PR and creating the best slogans for all events.


Creative manger, whose ideas always meet the clients´ expectations.